Humans and pests have been cohabitating since the beginning and humans still haven’t figured out how to get rid of them. Over the years many myths and misconceptions were born out of our desperate attempt to battle these pests. These myths have persisted through the years and have become fact to most people. The problem is: are any of these myths actually true?

My Cat is My Mousetrap:

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Mouse eats cheese, cat eats mouse. Everyone knows that. So it makes sense that by having a cat in your house it would naturally deter mice from entering your house. Actually, cats aren’t always into chasing mice, especially if they are being fed by you. They may see them as only play things to occasionally jump at like a toy.

Mice can also move in areas that your cat cannot. Over time your cat may get used to having mice in the house and just leave them alone like any other animals that get used to each other (dogs and cats, dogs and chickens, cats and pet birds). This myth is false!

All Bugs Die in the Winter:

do bugs die in winter

We all know there is one upside to winter. No more bugs. So where do they go? Many people think the cold kills them, leaving only the eggs to hatch in the spring. While that’s partially true, some insects do die in the winter such as some species of mosquitos, but most overwinter or hibernate through the cold months. Overwintering insects crawl under rocks, dig underground and creep into your house to escape the cold.

That’s why it’s so important to do a perimeter check of your house before winter. A lot of overwintering insects like the stink bug, box elder beetle, and Japanese beetle are known for trying to get into houses to ride out the winter. So make sure you calk those cracks and seal those windows. Sorry to bug you out, but this one is false.

Only Female Mosquitos Bite:

When you are trying to enjoy a backyard barbecue and are under attack by swarms of mosquitos, it may seem like every mosquito in the area is trying to get a taste of you. Actually, it is only the female mosquitos that are crashing your party. The females need the protein from your blood to develop her eggs. The male mosquitos don’t drink blood at all. Instead, they drink nectar from flowers. Good news, this one is true!

Bugs Hate Ultrasonic Repellents:

I’m sure we’ve all tried these before. It’s such an easy solution to such a big problem. Just plug it in and all the pests in your house will scurry out. It must work, it’s science. These products have been around for decades promising an end to your pest problem. But the reality is they are just modern day snake oil. There has been no scientific proof that ultrasonic repellents work at all except to annoy your dog. Sorry folks, this one is false. The best method is to call a professional to take care of your problem.

If you suspect that you have a pest problem don’t rely on old wive’s tales and myths that could exacerbate your problem. Call the professionals at Pest Control Unlimited. We have the knowledge and the resources to get rid of your problem for good.

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