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Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes can ruin a beautiful summer night outside. With our mosquito repellent & spray for the yard, you can redeem your summer nights.

When you’re sitting in your yard during the evening, relaxing and enjoy a drink or a nice dinner, the last thing you want is for a mosquito to start buzzing around. They’re annoying as they fly near your face, plus their bites hurt and itch for days after.

Not only are mosquitos a bother, but they can also transmit serious diseases. Fortunately, Pest Control Unlimited LLC has the tools and experience to help you fight back. Our mosquito control program helps you get the upper hand, so enjoying your outdoor spaces is a reality once more.


You need to understand mosquitoes to fight them effectively.

  • They survive off blood taken by force from live creatures, which they extract with their long beak by plunging it through the skin.
  • In yards, mosquitoes often stay in areas with thick plant life, which gives them cover from possible predators. They’ll emerge once a suitable host is nearby.
  • Mosquitoes will usually hide out in dark portions of your house, like closets and under sinks, if they come in through an open door or window. They then wait until you’re asleep, then take their meal of blood.
  • Standing water is an open invitation for mosquitoes since that is where they like to breed. This can include potted plant watering dishes, bird baths, buckets left outside, ponds, etc.

Like other pests, under the right conditions, a mosquito population can explode in no time. Act now before the problem becomes truly out of control.

Preventative Measures

You can do some things to keep the mosquitoes at bay or cut down on the population. Certain items are more effective than others, and you might find some are easier to address.

  • Change outstanding water once a week. This will eliminate any mosquito nymphs gestating on your property, putting a dent in the upcoming mosquito population.
  • Of course, draining and refilling something like a pond once a week isn’t practical. Instead, put koi fish or other species that feed on mosquitoes in the water. They act as a natural insect repellent.
  • Use bug spray when you go outside. This can be tiresome to do every day, plus it smells and can be sticky.
  • Light citronella candles, since they can keep the mosquitoes away from the immediate area. This doesn’t solve the problem but does provide some relief.

Our Mosquito Spray & Repellent for Yard Treatment

To help you kill off mosquitos in your yard, we have a specialized treatment. A highly trained and experienced technician will expertly apply this to your outdoor areas at the peak of mosquito season, which runs from around May 6 all the way through the end of September.

You’ll see results. Pest Control Unlimited LLC uses a treatment that’s been shown to control up to 90 – 95% of the mosquito population on a property with our backyard mosquito control program. That’s a dramatic reduction! You’ll finally be able to invite company over, have a cookout over the weekend, or just sit on the patio and watch the setting sun.

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Note to Client

Unfortunately there is not a solution to solve all pests that enter your home at once. With a proper quarterly maintenance and inspection program along with some new cultural practices we can minimize the amount of pests you will see. We strive to stay ahead of the pests you may see by attending state certified classes. These classes help us to learn new techniques and pests that are being encountered.

Service Guarantee

Your home is an ever changing environment. Because of this, what may not be a problem one day could be the next. Whether you bring back an unexpected pest on your next vacation or something is shipped in a box to your home. We are just a phone call away to resolve the problem before it worsens. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our services we will work with you until you are.