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One-Time Services

Nobody should be living with a pest problem. After all, creatures like carpenter ants, mice, mosquitos, and termites can invade your home, attack your loved ones, and destroy your property. They make any home miserable to live in. Don’t let an infestation get so out of control that it goes far beyond a nuisance.

Pest Control Unlimited LLC offers one-time services. It’s a great solution if you want a technician to come to your house only for a specific reason, instead of choosing our Quarterly Prevention Program for continuous protection. You’re not obligated to further treatments, making a one-time services ideal for:

  • People looking to sell their house
  • Property owners who’ve found the presence of bed bugs
  • Serious infestations of a single pest
  • Structures where pest problems are inconsistent

As part of our one-time services, we will send a highly trained technician to assess the situation and gather your feedback before beginning. They will apply the appropriate treatments to protect against the pests you’ve been plagued by or are concerned about causing a problem.

Our one-time services can take care of a variety of pests, including:
Spiders, ants, carpenter ants, mice, rats, roaches, silverfish, centipedes, millipedes, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, crickets, interior fleas, and occasional invaders.

Of course, exactly what will be controlled or eliminated depends on the season and weather conditions, since different pests will be active at different times. Our range of services includes mice extermination, rodent control, wasp nest & bee removal, ant extermination and more.

We offer a 30-day guarantee for one-time services, starting from the date of treatment.

Note to Client

Unfortunately there is not a solution to solve all pests that enter your home at once. With a proper quarterly maintenance and inspection program along with some new cultural practices we can minimize the amount of pests you will see. We strive to stay ahead of the pests you may see by attending state certified classes. These classes help us to learn new techniques and pests that are being encountered.

Service Guarantee

Your home is an ever changing environment. Because of this, what may not be a problem one day could be the next. Whether you bring back an unexpected pest on your next vacation or something is shipped in a box to your home. We are just a phone call away to resolve the problem before it worsens. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our services we will work with you until you are.