As spring arrives and your trees and grass wake up, so do the insects. Many insects like to overwinter on our trees and shrubs where they lay eggs and spend the summers munching on the leaves. While this is normal, heavy infestations of overwintering insects can lead to serious health issues for your trees and even death. There is a multitude of insects out there that feed on your trees and they also carry deadly diseases that can spread to other trees.

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Thankfully fruit farmers and scientists have come up with a solution over the years to combat these pests and ensure our trees stay healthy. It’s called dormant oil and it’s a vital tool in defending our investments from marauding insects.

What Is Dormant Oil?

Dormant oil is refined from petroleum oil, usually mineral oil, or cottonseed oil and is applied to the branches and trunks of trees to prevent overwintering insect infestations. Sometimes labeled as horticultural oil, dormant oils contain an emulsifier that helps them mix with water to ensure thorough coverage of the tree or shrub. Once applied properly, the product suffocates any overwintering insects that are living on the plant. Dormant oils were originally designed for fruit trees so they are harmless to humans and animals. Using dormant oils is a great way to boost the health and resistance of your trees and shrubs.

How to Apply Dormant Oil?

First things first; you need to know the type of tree you are trying to apply the dormant oil to. Fruit trees require a different product than an evergreen and you can cause damage if you use the wrong one. Read the instructions carefully and ask for help if you need it. Use a pump sprayer or hose end sprayer to apply the product. Make sure you cover the entire surface of the trunk and branches. Clean your sprayer after every use to prevent the oil from hardening and clogging.

how to apply dormant oil to trees

When Should Dormant Oil Be Applied?

Usually, the best time to apply dormant oils is in the fall or early spring before leaves form. Temperature also plays a role in the oil’s effectiveness. For instance, you should not spray dormant oil on sunny days and when temperatures are at or near freezing.

Other Pests

While your trees and shrubs have to contend with a host of bugs, your home also faces its own threats. It’s hard to keep bugs out no matter how hard you try. Luckily the pros at Pest Control Unlimited have the solutions you need for your pest problem.
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