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city buildings in Manchester New Hampshire
Manchester is steeped in plenty of history, but the city also has a modern vibe and plenty of amenities to enjoy. That makes it ideal for people with families, singles, and those who are retired. There’s a little bit of everything in the area, so you never have a legitimate excuse for being bored. Check out any of the following places if you’re looking for new things to explore.

Millyard Museum

This museum is in one of the former Amoskeag Mfg. Co’s Mill buildings. When you visit, you’ll learn about the story of the city, which rose from nothing to become a commercial magnet. The beginnings centered on textiles, including denim used for the original Levi’s in the 1800s). One of the most interesting items in this museum is a copy of one of the lottery tickets that provided funds for the first canal in Manchester, way back in 1802.

See Science Center

While it might seem like a place for kids, even older people like parents and grandparents will enjoy coming to this interactive learning center. Its main purpose is to help visitors understand and enjoy what science, technology, engineering, and mathematics have provided for society. Since 1986, residents of Manchester and the surrounding area have been visiting this center regularly. One of the main highlights is the permanent installation of Legos, complete with dozens of figures, buildings, and vehicles. It’s the largest display of its kind in the world.

Zimmerman House

While you’ll have to make reservations well in advance, this house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is well worth the wait to see. The Zimmermans flew to Wisconsin to meet with Wright, an architect who has almost a cult-like following in the trade. He created the plans for the house, and the family had it built, with nothing Wright planned changed in the least. That makes it one of the most authentic of Wright’s structures in the United States. Adding to the aura is the fact the Zimmermans are buried in the backyard, demonstrating their extreme love for the house.

America’s Stonehenge

If you’re willing to drive about 25 miles, you can explore this truly unique set of ruins that are estimated to be around 4,000 years old. Archeologists believe the stone arrangements were used to measure lunar and solar alignments, but in all honesty, they remain a mystery.

Of course, you can just explore the area around the ruins, which are beautiful and peaceful in their own
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