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Tewksbury, MA

Historical building in Tewksbury Massachusetts
One of many quaint towns in Middlesex County, Tewksbury, Massachusetts offers an outstanding community for everyday life. It’s close enough to Boston for commuting or going to the big city as needed, but at the same time feels far removed from the hustle and bustle.

Public Health Museum

The first museum dedicated to chronicling America’s public health efforts is located right in Tewksbury MA, giving you a unique experience close to home. It’s located in the historical Richard Morris building, which is often referred to as the Old Administration Building of Tewksbury Hospital. Just the structure alone is beautiful and worthy of making the short trip.
Inside the museum, you’ll find various artifacts and records regarding hospitals and other public health institutions in the United States. Not only do you learn about past public health issues like tuberculosis and polio, the museum teaches visitors about current problems facing hospitals and public health officials.

Escapology Tewksbury MA

Escape games are all the rage these days, thanks to their immersive and imaginative nature. If you want a more premium escape games experience, Escapology Tewksbury Massachusetts is conveniently located near home. As many as six players can engage in a challenge at a time, collaborating to solve puzzles, track down clues, and pick locks so they can emerge victorious from the room.

Wamesit Lanes

This family entertainment center is about more than just bowling, although it does offer a great bowling experience. You can also have fun with the golf simulator, a cribbage league, or in the expansive arcade. The Firewater Tavern is onsite, so you can get great food while you play, making it easy to spend the night in one location. Wamesit lanes are also clean and well-maintained, so you can confidently take your loved ones without worry.

Haggetts Pond

Surrounded by a picturesque pine forest, Haggetts Pond is an excellent place to go when you need to walk and unwind. Absolutely no motorized craft are allowed on the pond, so the area stays absolutely quiet, making it incredibly relaxing. People will head out onto the water in rowboats if that’s of any interest.

A main, wide, and fairly level pathway will provide a good walk. Many other trails run off that main path, each one with a different level of difficulty, so there’s the right kind of hiking for just about anyone. Most residents know that after about 4 in the afternoon, the pond area is swarmed by many insects like mosquitoes in the warm weather. At that point, you can retreat to your own yard or home, which will be far more pleasant, thanks to Pest Control Unlimited LLC and our comprehensive services. We will help you get a handle on mosquitoes, ants, ticks, bed bugs and other pests that have been plaguing your yard and home. We provide both residential and commercial services. Contact us today and set up an appointment.

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Note to Client

Unfortunately there is not a solution to solve all pests that enter your home at once. With a proper quarterly maintenance and inspection program along with some new cultural practices we can minimize the amount of pests you will see. We strive to stay ahead of the pests you may see by attending state certified classes. These classes help us to learn new techniques and pests that are being encountered.

Service Guarantee

Your home is an ever changing environment. Because of this, what may not be a problem one day could be the next. Whether you bring back an unexpected pest on your next vacation or something is shipped in a box to your home. We are just a phone call away to resolve the problem before it worsens. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our services we will work with you until you are.