With summer upon us, mosquitoes are out in full force, especially with all this rain we have been seeing this spring. Mosquitos can turn a bonfire or barbecue into a nightmare. Luckily, there are some effective ways to control mosquitoes in your yard. Our guide to summer mosquito control can help you get the most out of your yard this summer.

Understand Their Life Cycle

Summer mosquito control starts with eliminating any standing water on your property to cut down on their breeding grounds.

To defeat your enemy you have to understand your enemy. Many people don’t realize that only the female mosquitoes have a thirst for blood. The males live relatively short life spans with the sole purpose to breed with the females and then die in about ten days. A female can lay batches of 300 eggs every few days in marshes, swamps, and standing water. In the fall, when the temperatures drop, she will lay eggs in water where they will overwinter and hatch as soon as warm weather returns.

How Do They Find Us?

We can run but we can’t hide from mosquitoes. Female mosquitoes are born with the ability to track their prey in several ways.

Body Heat: Mosquitoes can see us by the heat we give off. No amount of clothing can hide this but long pants and sleeves can protect you from bites.

Dark Clothing: Dark clothing retains more heat than lighter colored clothing, making you a target for hungry mosquitoes.

Carbon Dioxide: Another way mosquitoes can find us is by our breath. Mosquitoes are equipped with receptors that can pick up the CO2 in our breath when we exhale.

Scents: Sweat, certain lotions, and perfumes can also call mosquitos to the dinner table.

Prevent Them Before They Become a Problem

Mosquitos can bring a backyard party to an abrupt end if there’s enough of them. Mosquitoes don’t stray far from their breeding area so the ones you see are probably local to your yard or neighbor’s yard.

Eliminate Standing Water

It makes sense, right? Female mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water, so just get rid of the water. It’s trickier than it sounds because rain water can be retained in many places around your yard. Check around your property in places like rain barrels, gutters, flower pots, tree stumps, birdbaths, and anything that holds water. This summer mosquito control technique will help greatly reduce the mosquito population in your yard.

Defend Your Water Features

For some of us, water is part of our landscape. For things like pools, fountains, ponds, and birdbaths, you can defend them with other methods.

Fish: If you have a pond then add some fish. Not only are they relaxing to watch but they feed on mosquito larvae.

Chlorine: If you have a swimming pool, then you probably chlorinate it. If you go too long without treating your pool, it can become a giant breeding ground.

Larvicide: For fountains, birdbaths, and animal waterers there are pellets you can buy that can prevent mosquito larvae from becoming adults.

Introduce Mosquito-Eating Predators

A creative way to control the mosquitoes in your yard is by introducing bats and other mosquito-eating predators to your property with a bat house.

Bats, swallows, and purple martins are a homeowner’s best friend. These ariel aces love to feast on mosquitos on the fly, and they do a really good job of it. Invite them over by putting up some bat houses and purple martin houses.

Hire the Pros at Pest Control Unlimited

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