Ticks are more than just nuisances that can quickly ruin any outdoor activity. As soon as the warm seasonal weather approaches, we need to begin our vigilance against these nasty parasites to protect loved ones whenever we are outside enjoying time in our yards. Classified as an arachnid, ticks indiscriminately attach themselves to both human and animal hosts, with potentially fatal results. These pests can spread a multitude of serious sicknesses and diseases, such as:

  • Ehrlichiosis
  • Anaplasmosis
  • Lyme Disease
  • Powassan Virus Disease
  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
  • Tularemia

Diseases from ticks is one reason that Massachusetts is one of the worst places for ticks.

This ever-growing list of infectious diseases can trigger a multitude of symptoms including fever, nausea, chills, and even ignite neurological issues. In some cases, these conditions may lead to death, officially making protection against ticks a top priority for home and business owners throughout the U.S.

Where Ticks Live, Nest, And Thrive

Knowing where these pests live can help safeguard your family against a bite. While ticks are often found anywhere, there are some outdoor hotspots they enjoy more than others. These bugs prefer moist and shady areas at ground level, making any woods around your property perimeter a major attraction. Ticks will also cling in taller grasses, shrubs, and bushes that range from 18-24 inches off the ground.

The state you live in can also impact your risk for contracting a tick sickness. There are ten states that all fall into the top 20% results category for total number of tick-borne diseases recorded from 2004-2016. These states include:

10) New Hampshire

This New England state has a total of 13,710 disease cases, landing NH in the tenth spot for the country.

9) Virginia

Virginia edges out New Hampshire with 16,454 total disease cases due to a bite.

8) Maryland

The total number of recorded sicknesses from these dreadful bugs is 22,166.

7) Minnesota

This Midwestern location has a significantly higher number of cases than previous states, particularly when comparing it to New Hampshire. Minnesota tops out at 26,886 total recorded sicknesses.

6) Wisconsin

Minnesota’s eastern neighbor holds the distinction of the sixth worse place for ticks. According to the study, ticks made 33,255 total people sick.

top tick diseases by state

5) Connecticut

With 36,727 tick-borne disease cases, this east coast state comes in at number five in our top ten list.

4) Massachusetts

Despite being one of our smaller states, Massachusetts still has an exceptionally high number of sicknesses due to ticks. The Bay State’s total is 50,234.

3) New Jersey

According to survey results, New Jersey logged 51,578 total cases of diseases from these crawling parasites.

2) New York

New York secures the number two spot on the list with a recorded number of cases equaling 69,313.

1) Pennsylvania

The Keystone State ranks first on the top ten list of worst areas in the U.S. with a whopping 73,610 total cases of tick-borne sicknesses.

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