Get rid of ants from your property with these tips from Pest Control Unlimited.

Here in New England, the warmer seasonal months bring with them all manner of bug activity. One of the most prevalent bugs throughout spring, summer, and fall? Ants. It seems that, as soon as winter starts to thaw, these arduous little creatures begin to emerge, wreaking havoc on our lawns as well as making their way into our homes and businesses. 

If you’re tired of losing the battle against ants, there’s hope. Knowing a few natural ant control strategies can help prevent an infestation before it starts. Here are a few tips to deter these pesky critters from making themselves a permanent guest in your yard, house, or office.

Clip Perimeter Plantings

Tree branches and shrubs that touch your home can serve as a direct route for these bugs to make their way inside. Eliminate any limbs or bushes that are brushing up against your home. Trimming any perimeter plantings can help prevent ants (and any other bugs) from crawling onto a branch and into an open window or crack in the foundation.

Strategically Stack Wood

Once you’ve clipped your plantings, take a look at where your firewood is stacked. Piles near, or even inside, the home can prove a breeding ground for virtually any type of pests, including ants. Keep your kindling away from the house to make it harder for these bugs to get inside. 

Pour Hot Water

Pouring boiling water directly onto an ant mound can help eradicate an unwanted colony. One thing to note; hot water is an effective weed and grass killer, making it essential to exercise care and caution when pouring it on your property.

Protect Pets’ Meals

Tired of watching these marching armies devour your pet’s food when it’s left on the floor? Create a mini-moat to protect these meals. Find a tray, plastic platter, or lid that is larger than your dog or cat bowl and carefully fill it with water. Place your pet’s food bowl in the middle of your moat; you’ve instantly created a liquid barrier that ants won’t be able to swim across when searching for their next morsel.

Sprinkle Cornmeal

Ants love a sweet hummingbird mixture, and can quickly overrun your feeders. Spread a layer of cornmeal around the base of the post (reapplying as needed) to deter these crawlers from stealing a snack when you’re not around. 

Save Citrus Peels

Most people don’t realize that ants don’t enjoy the scent of citrus. Once you’ve feasted on an orange, grapefruit, or lemon, keep and dry the peels. When they are ready, you can zest or grind them into your flower beds and gardens to keep ants at bay.

Keep Coffee Grounds

Hold on to the grounds from your morning cup of java. Coffee is a natural deterrent to ants. Sprinkling used grounds on any of your home’s entry points, or in your beds and gardens, can keep these critters away. 

Stay Minty Fresh

Much like citrus, ants also don’t like the smell of mint. Place drops of peppermint essential oil on cotton swabs, leaving the scented wads anywhere you don’t want ants to intrude. 

Consider Professional Ant Control Services

If you’re struggling with a sizeable infestation, it’s important to consult with a professional ant control service provider. A local exterminator will have the experience, insight, and equipment needed to safely remove these bugs with long-lasting impact. Call Pest Control Unlimited at (888) 649-9919 today to learn more.