Chickens can help kill and control ticks in your yard

If you live in Massachusetts, you already know firsthand that ticks are a major concern for humans and pets alike. These nasty parasites carry and transmit a wide range of severe — and potentially fatal — illnesses. Here in Massachusetts, some of the most commonly found tick-borne diseases include Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis, and Babesiosis. Unfortunately, these aren’t the only sicknesses contracted by humans in the New England region. There’s been an increase in other tick-related conditions like Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Tularemia, and the Powassan virus throughout our area, as well. 

Chickens Provide Natural Tick Control in Massachusetts 

With the steady and seemingly endless increase in tick viruses, many Massachusetts home and business owners are utilizing a wide assortment of organic and traditional tick control strategies on their property. One of the best natural ways to reduce the threat of these parasites in your yard? Allow a flock of chickens to range freely throughout the grounds. 

Most people assume that locally raised chickens subsist on an all-vegetarian diet. However, chickens are omnivorous creatures, content to eat plant-based foods as well as forage for bugs and insects. In fact, chickens are a natural predator of ticks, making them an excellent option for control and elimination of these harmful pests. Even a small flock of feathered foul can dramatically decrease the total populations of ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas throughout your yard.

Need scientific proof that chicks can provide a tick yard treatment on your Massachusetts property? No problem. A 1991 study revealed that chickens do, in fact, have a significant impact on tick populations. The test flock in the study was permitted to roam freely throughout a tick-infested field for 30–60 minutes. During that time, it was discovered that these chickens consumed anywhere from 3 all the way up to 331 ticks total, averaging more than 80 ticks per chicken.

Traditional Methods Can Reduce Populations, Too 

Yes, these voracious birds can prove an essential resource for Massachusetts families striving to protect their loved ones from a tick bite. However, these critters won’t successfully eradicate every tick or pest lurking throughout your yard. Additionally, despite their tick-devouring prowess, chickens are not a viable option for many locals in the Bay State. These birds require a fairly significant amount of care and upkeep throughout their lifetimes. Maintaining a flock is a task that many of us just don’t have the time, resources, or energy to achieve. 

Fortunately, running a fractional farm isn’t the only way to eliminate ticks from your residential and commercial properties. Hiring a professional exterminator that specializes in tick control and tick yard treatments can prove a vital weapon in the war against Lyme disease and other parasite-related illnesses. An innovative extermination team will thoroughly evaluate your property to determine tick hot spots. Once they’ve pinpointed where these pests thrive, they will create a customized extermination solution that annihilates entire populations and helps you take back the enjoyment of your outdoor living spaces. 

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