As fall turns to winter, the cold weather will soon be upon us. This means that it is time to prep for pests and invaders looking for a warm place to stay during the winter months. Pests tend to move closer home as temperatures drop, so it is crucial to prep your home against these invaders early enough. Although pests can be a nuisance, there are many ways you can keep your house safe from them. This way, you won’t have to worry about them making themselves at home in your home when the cold sets in. Here are ways you can prep your house against invaders this winter.

1. Seal all entry points

This is the most critical step you need to take when it comes to keeping invaders out of your house this winter! You can’t assume that putting a door on or bringing in an air conditioner will be enough to keep these pests from trying their hardest to get into your home. To prevent them from entering, make sure all entry points are sealed off properly with caulk and weather stripping so they won’t have any place else for them to go but away. This includes windows, doors, baseboards, vents, and everything else.

2. Make sure you keep up on all repairs

This is another important step in keeping your house safe this winter. When some invaders notice any damage that allows them access to your home, they will take immediate advantage of it. Considering some damages may happen later during the winter months, you need to keep checking to ensure everything looks good. Since you don’t want the pests coming back later and causing havoc for you, it’s best to pay close attention to any damages done by the weather outside and inside. If something breaks down, call a repair person immediately before these pests have a way into your house through an entry point created by damages.

3. Don’t provide a food source

Many pests have an insatiable appetite for food. Whether it’s fruit flies, ants, or mice you’re trying to keep out of your house this winter, don’t provide them with the means to get in by leaving any food sources around. This includes pet bowls and litter boxes, so make sure all animals are fed before you go to bed at night if they eat during the daytime. Also, remember not to leave anything edible sitting out on counters or tables because even though these invaders might be small enough for one person to kill without too much trouble, there is always a chance another pest will come along looking for their next meal.

4. Declutter

Most invaders will make their way into your house by finding the smallest entry point possible. If you happen to have a lot of clutter around, they might find that hole and live in there for as long as they can until it is completely full with their feces and whatever else has been dragged inside over time. To prevent this from happening, declutter your home so these pests don’t even know where to begin looking. Also, be sure to take all clothes off racks before bed because many invaders like cockroaches or mice can easily access them if they aren’t hanging up correctly after being worn throughout the day. Additionally, ensure everything is put away neatly at night when you go to sleep.

5. Store firewood far from the home

This is especially important if you love to sit out on your porch during the winter months. Firewood can attract pests like mice and insects who are looking for a place to build their nests over the cold weather. While it might be nice to have wood close by so that you don’t have to run back inside after getting up from your seat, keeping it close to the house is not ideal for winter pest control. Putting these logs too far away will keep invaders at bay because they won’t want anything to do with making that long trek just for some firewood. Ensure all fireplaces or stoves are always clean because this could lead bugs right into living in them instead of somewhere else where they cannot access food easily.

6. Remove any moisture or standing water

If you have any standing water sitting around your home, this could be a welcome mat for invaders looking to take up residence in an area that is warm and damp all winter long. All it takes is one small leak or crack somewhere inside the house to get these pests moving in. If there’s ever anything wet left behind, chances are good some critters might just move right in since it’s easier than making their own shelter outside where they would typically live during warmer months of the year.

Since rodents and bugs love to make themselves at home during winter, it’s essential to take a few extra steps this season so that they don’t decide your house is the perfect place for them. If you experience any problems with pests, don’t panic. Instead, call a pest control company that will effectively deal with the situation. Pest control professionals will always know what to do to rid your home of any invaders.