The global COVID pandemic has genuinely been a strange, stressful, and overwhelming time for all of us. Everyday activities carry on, but how we deal with them has had to change. One such service is pest control. It seems pests didn’t get the memo about social distancing. So what now?

Luckily, during the COVID pandemic, pest control has been deemed an essential service. Meaning pest control businesses are allowed to operate. But just like other businesses, they need to adhere to Coronavirus safety guidelines. Pest control companies have had to modify their services and how they function to comply with homeowners’ requests while still ensuring a pest-free environment. 

During the COVID pandemic, we have seen that pests’ – such as rodents – typical nesting and feeding locations are being depleted as restaurants and business kitchens are shut down. This means the pests will start looking for new places for water, food, and shelter. And that’s more than likely residential homes. 

Let us look at the best practices employed during COVID and how safe pest control can be tackled.

How to Handle Low-level Infestations

After a call from a client comes in, you will first need to assess whether your customer is dealing with a low-level or high-level infestation. If it’s a low-level infestation, perhaps no contact pest control is an option. 

Here are a few examples of how you can employ no-contact pest control:

  1. Supply your client with information and tools, like sticky monitors or traps, and rather delay the in-house visit for a safer time.
  2. Is it a situation where your client can vacuum the area themselves? If so, drop off a HEPA-rated vacuum and instructions for your client so that they can remove the pests themselves.
  3. In a multi-family housing situation, the pest control company can supply the caretaker with bait stations and rodent traps for common areas to check and replace regularly.
  4. Focus on exterior perimeter services only if possible. According to a survey conducted for PCT by Readex Research, 46 percent of PMPs were only doing perimeter services during the pandemic. 

These are just temporary solutions, and once the COVID pandemic eases, it’s best to offer thorough interior and exterior services again.

How to Handle High-level Infestations

If a physical on-site visit is essential, ensure you discuss the working environment and your procedures with the household or business owner in advance. It’s up to you to put their mind at ease about how you will go about carrying out your work.

Here are some rules to follow for interior services:

  • Keep a 6-feet distance wherever possible and ask that your client respects this as well
  • Keep all internal doors open to minimize touching handles
  • Identify busy areas in the property and ask that movement be minimized
  • Keep paperwork digital and keep communications over the phone rather than in person
  • If speaking face-to-face, do so outside or in a well-ventilated area
  • Try not to share items or equipment and ask that employees work on their own wherever possible
  • Set up fixed teams or partnerships with your employees so they reduce the number of people they have contact with
  • Wear PPE gear (as usual) as well as a face mask at all times, even on arrival 
  • Thoroughly clean and store your reusable PPE
  • Reduce the number of employees on-site at any one time
  • Alert your client to any extra costs because of precautionary measures during this time. 
  • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing and dispose of tissues and wash hands immediately after that.
  • If anyone is unwell, client or employee, they should stay at home.
  • Wash hands with soap and water regularly, especially before and after a site visit.
  • Bring your own food and drink, and only consume it outside of the premises.
  • Take all breaks outside.

As you can see, safe pest control services are integral in ensuring the health and safety of our homes and businesses and all of the people within. And as our environments change, we may notice a spike in the number of pests in our areas. If this is the case, don’t fear. Pest control companies can operate and will do so in a way that ensures safety for all. If you have a pest problem, don’t delay making a call.

How We Can Help

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We go the extra mile when it comes to addressing our customers’ needs. We listen to your concerns, study the situation carefully, and create a customized pest control approach. Each of our technicians regularly attends classes and seminars, learning the latest safe pest control methods and practices.

We’re passionate about serving you. And will do so with all the necessary COVID precautions in place. Whenever you need help, we’re only a phone call away at 888-649-9919. Contact us today and begin your residential pest services.