In the winter, insects aren’t the only pests looking to stay warm in our homes. Rodents need a place to stay too. Our wonderfully warm homes, stocked with fresh food and clean water, is the perfect place for a cold mouse or rat. Winter rodent infestations are incredibly common and can be fairly easy to prevent. Here are a few tips on preventing winter rodent infestations.

Preventing Winter Rodent Infestations in the Lawn

Vole Prevention

Preventing winter rodent infestations in your Massachusetts lawn can help you avoid vole damage throughout the winter.
Voles are some of the most common and most destructive winter rodents. During the winter, these 3-9 inch furballs make a meal out of our snowcovered lawns. Voles chew runways through the grass, making crisscrossing networks throughout your grass. By the time spring rolls around, you may be looking at a large amount of damage to repair.

Prevention is the answer. Making your lawn as inhospitable to voles as possible is how to do it. Voles need long grass and lots of cover to keep them safe from the many predators that snack on them. They like to hide in piles of leaves and leaf debris as well as under low hanging tree and shrub branches. Eliminate all these hiding places and the voles won’t turn your lawn into their own personal buffet. Rake and remove the leaves and lawn debris, trim away the low branches, and mow the lawn until it stops growing. These steps should help prevent voles from infesting your lawn.

Preventing Winter Rodent Infestations in the Home

Preventing Rats

If you don't want to find rats on your sink, then preventing winter rodent infestations is essential for you.
Rats are an incredibly common winter rodent pest and have been for thousands of years. These rodents slip inside when the weather gets too cold. Once inside, the rat never wants to leave. Can you blame it? There’s plenty to eat, comfortable heat, and protection from the outside predators. The problem is, by sharing space with rats, we’re also sharing space with what they bring along. The deadly disease, nasty parasites, and quick-spreading fleas are just a few reasons you don’t want your home to become the rat’s winter home.

    Common Signs of Rats in the House

  • Grease smudges along the walls that the rats use to travel.
  • Chew marks on cardboard boxes and insulation.
  • Rat droppings.
  • Squeaking and scratching noises coming from inside the walls and ceiling or under the floor.
  • Torn up fabric, paper, and insulation used as nesting material.
  • Finding a mess in the pantry where the rats got into the food.

That’s where prevention comes in. Prevent rat infestations by sealing off any gaps, cracks, or holes around the exterior of your home. Make sure to check the foundation, doors and windows, areas where plumbing and electrical leave your home, and even the roof. After sealing your home, seal away all of your food in plastic containers. Eliminate easy access to food and an easy entrance to the home and you can prevent a winter rat infestation.

Preventing Mice

Mice, like rats and other rodents, are seeking warmth, water, and food in the winter. Your house is their Mecca. Once inside, mice can spread quickly. Two mice can turn into two dozen in no time. These rodents carry nasty diseases, parasites, fleas, and ticks. None of which you would want in your home. Make sure you are on the lookout for common signs of a winter infestation of mice.

    Common Signs of Mice in the House

  • Food in the pantry that has been gotten into.
  • Nesting materials consisting of fabric, stuffing, insulation, and string.
  • Small droppings.
  • Scampering sounds in the walls, ceiling, and under the floor.

Preventing mice from invading your home this winter is pretty much the same as preventing rats. Close up and seal all the food in your home, making sure not to leave any extra food out for easy access. Take out the trash often and make sure it’s placed far from any entrance to your home. Finally, go around your home and seal up all the gaps, holes, and cracks that mice can gain access to. Remember, mice are much smaller than rats and can fit in much smaller gaps.

Preventing Winter Rodent Infestations is Easy When You Trust the Professionals

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