Spring is nearly here and with it comes a new horde of pests. This is a great time of the year to prepare your home for the coming invasion. Once the pests get the upper hand, it can be difficult to evict them. Here are a few spring home pest prevention tips to help you prepare for a pest-free spring and a pest-free year.

What Pests Should I Watch for in the Spring?

As spring approaches, it’s important to be prepared for the coming pests. That’s why the first step of spring home pest prevention is becoming familiar with the common spring pests facing Massachusetts homes. Knowing which pests are coming helps you create the perfect pest control strategy.
Keeping carpenter ants and other destructive pests from entering your Massachusetts home is essential in the spring, making spring home pest prevention a task that can't be skipped.

Prevent Pests With Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is an excellent pest prevention technique in the spring. Pests, like cockroaches and ants, are opportunistic critters. They live off of our scraps, feasting on crumbs and other messes around our home. An essential part of spring home pest prevention is cleaning your home. Focus on high-traffic areas for pests to get the most efficient and effective results.

    Common Places to Find Spring Pests in the Home:

  • Kitchen
  • Dining Room
  • Pantry
  • Cupboards
  • Under the Sink
  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Crawlspaces
  • Inside the Walls

The best strategy for spring cleaning is to first clean up any of the obvious messes around your home. Pay special attention to anywhere food is eaten or can be found. Go through your pantry and cupboards too. Make sure all of your food is properly stored in sealed containers to avoid an easy meal for a crafty pest. Wipe down your counters and surfaces and make sure you store your pet food properly. Don’t leave pet food out overnight, this is the perfect midnight snack for a hungry colony of ants.

Keep the Spring Pests Out

Keeping spring pests out of your Massachusetts home is the goal this spring. This means finding all of the common entrances that pests use to enter your home and sealing them up. Early spring is an excellent time to inspect your home for any obvious vulnerabilities. Before the weather warms up, check your window and door screens for any scratches, holes, or gaps. Depending on the severity, either fix them or replace them. This is a very common entry point for crafty pests.

Check your foundation for pooling water because this is a beacon for thirsty spring pests. Keep leaves and other debris from piling up against the foundation and trim your trees and bushes back away from the side of your home. Inspect your siding for cracks or gaps and caulk them. Checking where the plumbing and electrical enter and exit your home is a good idea too because this is another common pest entry point.

Invest in Interior Pest Control From Pest Control Unlimited

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