Pest control is something you leave to the experts. It’s understandable why some homeowners want to deal with pests and infestations on their own. Many want to get rid of the problem quickly and cheaply, but it’s not advisable to conduct pest control the DIY way.

If you’re not adequately trained to deal with pests professionally, you may end up making matters worse. Here are some of the main reasons why you shouldn’t do your own pest control.

Pest Control Underestimating The Severity Of The Infestation

One of the biggest reasons why you should leave pest infestations to professional pest control services is that you may underestimate the problem. Sure, you may have seen several cockroaches in your kitchen, which may have prompted you to grab your bug spray. While this may seem like a good first response to the problem, you won’t know just how many cockroaches are hiding behind every nook and cranny in the house. In short, you are only dealing with the surface level of the problem and not addressing the issue thoroughly. 

Ask any expert and they’ll tell you that seeing one cockroach doesn’t automatically mean you have a full-blown infestation in your residence. However, there are likely more cockroaches hidden from your view.

The same is true for other pests in the house. You can’t determine the number of rats living in your home by the number of droppings they leave behind. Insects and other pests are social creatures and tend to reproduce rather quickly. So you may get the unwelcome surprise of finding more pests after thinking you got rid of all of them.

Pest Control Treatments Are Dangerous

A can of bug spray is easy to handle. All you have to do is open the can, point the nozzle in the direction of the pests you want to get rid of and spray away. However, in the case of pesticides and poisons, these dangerous chemicals should be handled carefully. They’re easy to use, for sure, but you may end up getting some of the chemicals in your hands, arms, face and other surfaces where you shouldn’t be spraying them on (like places where you store your food items).

When used in excess or mishandled, these anti-pest solutions can be hazardous to your health. They may also pose a danger to your kids, loved ones, and pets when misused. For example, lawn sprays can destroy your garden. On the other hand, caustic sprays have chemicals that can peel the paint off your walls and other surfaces. If you’re not trained and certified to handle and apply pest control methods, you may be doing more harm than good. You’re better off leaving it to professional pest control services.

Pest Misidentification

Some solutions and treatments target specific types of pests. For example, if you see rat droppings in the kitchen, you may think you are dealing with a rat infestation. But without knowledge of pest control, you could make the mistake of using the wrong type of pest control solution.

Every Infestation Is Different

Exterminators are duly trained and licensed to handle a variety of pests. They know how to correctly identify an infestation and the type of pest lurking in homes. Each pest control project is unique, and the professionals will know how to adjust the treatments and solutions to suit each case. 

You May Spend More Money Than Needed

Many homeowners think they’re saving money when they conduct their pest control by themselves. Understandably, people want to cut costs and find immediate solutions to their pest problems. However, if you have been buying bug sprays for months (or maybe years), and you’re still not rid of your pest problems, the costs of these DIY solutions add up over time. You may already be spending more money than you would have to hire professional pest control services.

Why You Need To Call the Experts

Now that we’ve covered the top five reasons you shouldn’t do your own pest control, here’s why hiring professional exterminators is the best solution:

  1. You’re not risking your health and the safety of the people and pets who live with you in your home. You avoid damaging your property with harmful chemical solutions. Your health is not worth the effort of saving a couple of bucks in the DIY store to handle an infestation.
  2. Professional exterminators use industry-approved solutions and tools that aren’t available to the general public. The exterminating products they use are designed to be more effective than the one-size-fits-all solutions sold over the counter.
  3. Exterminators are accurate when identifying and locating the source of your infestation.
  4. You save time and money when you let the professionals handle pests.

Work With Leading Pest Control Experts: Pest Control Unlimited

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